5 things to know before visiting South Africa, courtesy of Cardi B fans

From trying out two of South Africa's favourite street foods (chicken feet and kota) to brand new names to consider, Cardi B has some of the best advice from her Mzansi fans ahead of her June 12 Castle Lite Unlocks gig in Johannesburg.

Portrait of man doing amapiano dance
While you here try this dance move, it's called amapiano

While there isn’t any doubt that Cardi B fever has hit Mzansi really hard as advanced website ticket sales for her upcoming SA gig crashed within seconds, South Africans wasted no time telling the rapper about the country, including the best places to visit and unique delicacies to try.

Showing an infectious cheeriness, and a general belief in South Africa’s exceptionalism, it all started with a simple tweet from the award winning rapper, in which she asked her South African followers to “teach me about your country”. 

From being given brand new South African names, Buhle ( meaning “beauty”), Mbali (flower) and Khadi, to relentless warnings about the oh-so annoying power cuts, the responses, as seen below, were as colourful as South Africa has become known for! 

1. Unique South African names

2. Current biggest music genre / dance craze; amapiano

3. Loadshedding, a new way of life 

4. How to greet; Dumelang!

5. Typical South African street foods; Chicken feet & Kota