Fikile Mbalula has always been a questionable addition to any cabinet, with no real life skill besides the gift of gab and the ability to throw out grade-5 primary school insults to his opponents. This weekend, following Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa return for a second term, ‘Mba-loser’ showed why both himself and the ANC have no political will to deal with corruption here at home, this as they continue to show their shameful support of the Zanu PF and sadly legitimise their dictatorship of Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF have just concluded another questionable national elections where voters were allegedly made to sign exit polls before voting, in addition to the elections being marred by late opening of polling station, one of the tactics observers believe was used to suppress voter outcomes.

Zimbabwe has experienced periods of political turmoil and governance challenges. The prolonged rule of Robert Mugabe, who was in power for nearly four decades, was marked by allegations of human rights abuses, electoral manipulation, and concentration of power. The shift in leadership following a military intervention in 2017 brought hope for change, but questions about the country’s democratic processes and transparency remain to this day.

The momentous events, which saw Emmerson Mnangagwa take over from Mugabe and installed as head of the transitional government inspired hope among many Zimbabweans who yearned to see meaningful political change and sustainable economic growth in their lifetime. 

Unfortunately, despite this much-desired change in the Southern African country’s leadership, the nation of Zimbabwe continues to face many challenges, including hyperinflation, high unemployment rate, political repression, and endemic corruption,

These unbearable living conditions have seen Zimbabweans fled into neiboughring countries, mainly South Africa and Botswana in their droves.

Mba-loser, ANC’s support of Zanu PF, a cause for concern

The ANC Secretary General has been tweeting up a storm showing his support for a dictator who continues to plunge his country into poverty, destabilising communities and contributing to the phenomenon of illegal mass immigration. “Viva President Mnangwangwa” Mbalula tweeted, as well as “Zanupf strong support on the ground”.

With Mnangagwa’s victory now confirmed, it’s a shame that the people of Zimbabwe will continue to lose their place on the world stage, they continue to lose their homes, pride and identity, all while the fattest corrupt cats of SADC continue to enable each others incompetence and corruption.

As the leader of BOSA (Build One South Africa) Mmusi Maimane best puts it – as seen in thetweetabove – “South Africa has been paying a steep price because of ANC support of Zanu PF and notions of solidarity among liberation movements. Fikile Mbalula and others are delusional to praise Zanu PF and legitimize their dictatorship of Zimbabwe.”

So Mr Mbalula here’s your L, you loser.