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Mpho Phalatse quits politics to pursue medical career

Former Johannesburg Mayor Dr. Mpho Phalatse has resigned as Johannesburg DA councilor to go back to the health care service. While her career in politics maybe over, she remains a Democratic Alliance member.

Johannesburg – Former Johannesbug Mayor Dr. Mayor Mpho Phalatse has quit her official position in the Democratic Alliance (DA) to pursue “private business ventures”.

Commenting on the move on Monday in a statement, the DA said: “We hereby confirm the resignation of Dr Mpho Phalatse from her roles within the Democratic Alliance and the local government”.

Spokesperson Devon Steenkamp said throughout her tenure, Phalatse has exhibited dedication and commitment, serving diligently as City mayor, Mayoral Committee Member for Health, and a leader of the main opposition.

“Her decision to pursue private business ventures within the healthcare sector speaks to her enduring passion for public health and the welfare of our communities,” Steenkamp said.

“While Dr Phalatse will be sorely missed in her official capacities, we are gratified to share that she remains an unwavering member of the Democratic Alliance.

“Her decision was made in the best interest of her personal and professional growth, and we fully support her endeavours.”

The DA caucus spokesperson said challenges faced by Johannesburg, notably the political fragmentation resulting from the November 2021 local government elections, have been a cause for concern.

“This excessive fragmentation has seen 18 parties gaining representation in the council, with the balance of power precariously held by parties with a single seat,” said Steenkamp.

“The ensuing instability is a direct consequence.

“For the betterment of Johannesburg and to counter this downward spiral, the Democratic Alliance asserts the need for fresh elections.

“By rallying behind the DA, voters have the opportunity to enable the formation of a stable, ethical majority government capable of restoring the brilliance of our country’s prime city.

“We humbly invite all residents of Johannesburg to support this imperative mission.”

Ousted as Joburg Mayor six times and having most recently lost the DA leadership race to Steenhuisen, Phalatse left medical profession “and a thriving business” to join mainstream politics in 2016.  

She has served as Joburg councillor for the past seven years after first serving as MMC for health and social development. 

She was elected Joburg Mayor in November 2021, consequently becoming the first black woman to serve in this capacity. She was removed as mayor following a vote of no confidence by an EFF and ANC alliance in January this year.

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