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Soviet solidifies support for emerging art market with a rap collabo

Soviet Denim is setting an example of best practices by sustainably supporting emerging artists directly as it partners with upcoming South African rapper, producer and songwriter, Jedd Willson - of The Voice SA season 3 - on a new song which embodies its core values and creative style.

International denim brand Soviet has partnered with South African rapper, producer and songwriter Jedd Willson of ‘The Voice SA‘ season 3, better-known as Jedd DeGenerous on a new song – titled ‘Real Dreams‘.

While music and fashion are natural allies, this unique initiative sees Soviet becomes the first clothing brand to collaborate on a fully commercial song in South Africa. And although the benefits may seem obvious – whether it’s helping grow the brand’s awareness or increase the reach of their products – the initiative will significantly help the two collaborators broaden their horizons and create something new, especially in covid era.

Most importantly, Soviet is setting an examples of best practices not only for its direct support of emerging artists, but for becoming first encounters with this (his) art market for consumers.

The Voice SA‘ season 3 contestant, whose mad skills in harmonising on a loop pedal catapulted him to fame, was commissioned by the brand to create a song that encapsulates the iconic slogan of ‘Soviet: Real People, Real Denim’.

Soviet Denim – investing in emerging artists with global potential

As Soviet Denim spokesperson and South African fashion publicist, Leon Haasbroek best puts it, partnering with the emerging markets affords Soviet the unique opportunity to get involved from an early age of the budding artist. This, he adds, gives him (Jedd Willson) the opportunity to leverage off its strong network, as well as an already established brand “in the hope that it will assist him in catapulting his career”.

‘Real Dreams’ was officially released on March 31 on various digital music platforms.

Explaining why it’s important for Soviet to invest in this unique form of collaboration, Soviet Denim marketing manager Dane du Plessis had this to say. “We have decided to partner with Jedd since both brands align in the sense of spreading humility and kindness whilst addressing real ‘day to day’ issues. We wanted to involve ourselves in something that helps consumers connect with us in a genuine way.”

Hot on the heels of its previous, much-talked about partnerships with Miss South Africa and musician NaakMusicQ in 2018 and 2019 respectively, the company chose Jedd Willson as his aspirations are similar to most of their own: to be humble, to succeed and to be giving

Adds Du Plessis: “We aspire to be the front runners in the creative industries, collaboration space. We are one of, if not the only clothing brand that has ever collaborated on a fully commercial song in South Africa. We wanted to create something that identifies with our ethos, but that also relates to our consumers. The song ‘Real Dreams‘  – provides us the opportunity to connect with our Soviet community as it links to their interest in fashion, music, and entertainment. This also gives our brand the privilege to give back and invest in local artists that have global potential to reach that potential.”

‘Real Dreams’; inspiration, release date and more!

The collaboration, explains Jedd Willson, is very special because of the relationship he has with his mom, “and all the stuff she’s been through”.

“I wrote this song with a lot of the emotions I had growing up. The goal I had in my head when writing this song was to connect with real people going through real struggles and I’m hoping my words will make a difference by changing the way people think and act in these everyday situations they experience,” he says.

“One thing I’ve lived by my whole life is that you can’t be ashamed or embarrassed of your past. Your past makes you who you are today and all the struggles you go through makes you stronger, not struggles, but rather lessons, because that’s what they are.”

Real Dreams‘ was officially released on Wednesday (March 31) on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Pandora, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, iHeartRadio and Deezer. (to listen/ download the song, click this link)

This was done at the same time that Soviet Denim launch their Autumn/Winter collection to stores and online, themed the ‘Travel EDIT’.

The collaboration comes at a perfect time as the country is moved to lockdown level one, allowing consumers more freedom of movement, expressing themselves through fashion and music.

Even more exciting is news that Tiktok Africa will soon be launching a challenge to support the song. 

Tankiso Komane
Tankiso Komane
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